We design and make products with added value for customers and society in general

boonen design studio


We help businesses to realise growth by exploring the needs on the market, to identify these needs and to convert these needs into usefull business opportunities.

We help businesses to enlarge the relevance of products and services by creating a expercience scene for the customers.

We help businesses to create a surplus by designing products that connect the functional level to the emotional level for humans.

We help businesses to develop products through dedicated engineering in order to obtain efficient production with diverse techniques.

We help businesses to increase their turnover by approaching the market in an efficient way conform the needs.

Our Studio

De oplossing van het idee vertaalt naar een maakbaar product, verliep zeer innovatief.

Een tevreden klant
Boonen Design Studio designs and creates valueable products for clients and society in general. Starting from the target consumer we convert a product or service concept into a feasible product or service.
An economic and achievable design is crucial to launch a succesful product. A close relationship between products and suppliers are necessary to guarantee a correct production and price.

"Voldoende vernieuwing moet om te onderscheiden"

Frederic Boonen
Design Director

"Hoe kunnen we het toch anders doen zodat het beter is?"

Steven Kaelen
Design Engineer

"Details maken het ontwerp"

Lorenzo Menichetti
Product Designer

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