Project Details


Date: September 2017

Video: Youtube

Theo Willen, a volunteer at the hospital, worked along with the ergotherapists at the rehabilitation centre at the Jessa Hospital. Theo Willen created a tray for people with only one functional arm. He worked out a tray where you could put butter, yoghurt, drinks, sugar and other open packages on.
The problem to Theo’s solution was that it wasn’t build conform hospital regulation. BDS designed a sleek, hygenic and everyday product, which doesn’t stigmatises the users. Patients now can put all ingrediënts open onto the tray and use it easily even with only one functional arm.


Excisting mock up tests and analysing the current functions to understand the needs of the consumer.
First idea where the wholes are reshaped conform the acquired wedge shape. The concept has to fit within the existing tableware.


Endresult to the Theomatic concept to fit a moveable plate onto the tray. The tray consist of wedges where products fit into the gaps and are clamped onto the tray. Hence the product can be opened with one hand. The removeable knife is able to open all containers (sugar, tea,..) The Theomatic is also stackable for ease.


Endresult to the ‘Theomatic’ which we’ll test among the target consumers. All logistic aspects, usage and clearing will be tested and judged. The results will be taken into account when producing the most suitable and ultimate version for production.

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