Easy bendable, a light and sexy folding bicycle

de plooifiets


Project Details

Klant: L&S

Datum: February 2016

“Easy bendable, a light and sexy folding bicycle". These features were given to us by the client in order to design a new type of bicycle. Throughout the search for light materials we concluded that Carbon would be the best material. The idea for a simple foldingsystem was taken from the children’s pram industry.
A single button that would dislocate all the hinges through a cable. Characteristic lines and shapes were used to create a sexy bicycle.
Moodboards, sketches and the target group determined the final design of the frame.

De plooifiets

Details of the shape, the position of the button and the intigration of a small engine and batteries were crucial to define the entire look.


With a simple act the PLOOI is quickly folded. The folded frame will stay in position because of a magnetic clutch.

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